John Leary

John Leary is the award winning author of thriller, horror and fantasy screenplays and animation. His scripts have won the Los Angeles Script and Film Festival Best Drama Award, the Third Prize in the Jacksonville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, finaled in the Scriptoid Writer's Challenge and the StoryPro International Screenwriting Competition, been nominated for the CLAW award (Philadelphia Terror Film Festival) and semi-finaled in the Final Draft, Slamdance Screenplay, and Scriptoid Challenge competitions. He’s contributed scripts to the anthology television series LAST NIGHT ON EARTH, and to the Saturday morning Fox series EEK! THE CAT.

News & Announcements

From Jan 24, 2012

My writing partner, Alison McMahan, is now represented by Alexia Melocchi of Little Studio Films. Melocchi is already sending out one of our jointly written scripts, Destroying Angel, to producers, and will soon be sending out Girl in Trunk as well. 

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From Jan 12, 2012

A new title leads to a new poster for our movie. Check out the fantastic design work by Mark Moorer.

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From Jan 10, 2012

After much soul searching, we've decided to change the title to our screenplay, Heaven Sent. This is the first screenplay Alison McMahan and I wrote together, and it's already had one title change. But after getting a lot of coverage it became clear to us that "Heaven Sent" was not working as a title. After much head scratching, conferring with others, and trolling the internet we've picked Destroying Angel.

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